It's finally here!
A lot more highly requested and exciting features are on the way. Stay posted.
Here's a run down of all the changes we've made:
  • -⭐ Complete UI Redesign
  • -👄 Added deep-sync-hd to models
  • -🎤 Added the ability to record audio
  • -🤖 Vaulted Profiles & replaced with voices (audio only)
  • -💼 Added jobs & shot history
  • -🔊 Added audio cropping & the ability to place audio at any point in video

Face Detection

We've incorporated face detection in the profile creation process. What that means is we will check your video to ensure a face is present in all uploaded frames to prevent failed generations all together.
This will be vaulted shortly and replaced with improved version with the release of our HD model.

Quality of Life

Happy New Year! 🥂
We pushed out some quality of life updates for the new year. Here's what we did:
  • -🔔 Restyled notifications
  • -📄 Redesigned Subscription Page
  • -💼 Affiliate Page Makeover
  • -🖥️ Re-did all Popup elements

Deepshot Blog & Referal System

We've added a blog and referal system to Deepshot! To get your affiliate link, login to your account, navigate to the settings page & click on the referal tab.
We've also made the following changes:
  • - 🏗️ Redid multiple sections of landing page
  • - 🚀 Implemented a queue system for audio profiles to speed up audio generations

Subscription Hot Fix & Miscellaneous Updates

It was brought to our attention that if you upgraded your subscription while you were on a trial, your account status would not update.
We have fixed this issue, you're accounts should now accurately reflect your subscription status.
We've also pushed the following changes:
  • - 🚫 Created a temporary restriction on the file types that you can use to make profiles with.
  • - 📸 Added the ability to duplicate and delete shots

Custom Audio Uploading

You can now generate videos using your own audio files. Simply right click on a speaker within a shot, choose upload audio & select your file.
We've also rolled out the following changes:
  • - 🆓 Added the ability to try out Deepshot for free
  • - 💬 Added live chat widget for improved support
  • - 🛠️ Improved credit estimation

Bug Fixes & Improvements

Nothing too exciting today, just some bug fixes and improvements.
  • - ✨ Added the ability to Sign Up with Google
  • - 🐛 Fixed an issue where deleting a profile would corrupt shots using that deleted profile
  • - 📌 Paginated the shots page
  • - 📧 Added email verification